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Why use dedicated document scanners?

The benefits of using dedicated document scanners include:

Double sided scanning in 1 pass
Our True Duplex document scanners will scan both sides of the page at once without having to turn the page over. That’s faster, quieter & more reliable than the 3 pass ‘auto reverse duplexing’. With a true duplex scanner, you can scan everything in duplex at full speed. If there is text on the back page, you’ve got it. If the back page is blank it can be automatically deleted.

Specialised software
A quality document scanner includes capture software to auto­matically enhance & clean up images, improving legibility, greatly reducing file sizes and much more.


The Fujitsu fi-5950

Our entry level scanners will scan 20 to 30 ppm in true duplex colour. Our flagship Fujitsu fi-5950 scanner will scan in colour at 135 ppm / 270 images per minute.

Compact size
Some customers require a scanner at enquiry counters where space is at a premium. Others require a portable USB powered scanning solution.

Larger capacity
Most document scanners have a 50 page capacity, but several models have document feeders of 100, 200 or even 500 pages.


The Avision AV320

Better paper handling
A quality document scanner will handle a wider range of paper, with fewer paper jams or double feeds. For example, on the Avision AV320 you can mix different paper sizes and weight, e.g. delivery dockets, invoices and cheques. It will even scan photos, ID cards and business cards. A more versatile scanner means less frustration, less document preparation time which means increased productivity.


The Avision AV176U 

Higher duty cycle
Dedicated document scanners are designed to handle a larger volume of scanning. Even the AV176U scanner is rated at 1,000 pages/day and our production models will handle 100,000 pages/day.

Confidential documents can be scanned at your desk instead of using a shared device. Some of our security conscious customers pre-configure scanning to go to a secure document management system, to prevent unwanted dissemination of documents. Most of our scanners also feature ultrasonic detection to warn you in case of double feed, making sure a page isn’t missing from the final scan.

Documents often require preparation (e.g. unfolding, removing staples). Others need to be kept in a specific order. It’s much easier to do this without interruption at your own work space, especially when larger batches are involved.

Please do contact our friendly PROSCAN team for advice in selecting the best scanner option for you!

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